Allergies are a very common dermatological condition for cats and dogs in Florida. The itchy reactions occur when your pet’s immune system overreacts to an outside allergic trigger (allergen). Your pet’s allergies can worsen over time. Fortunately, most allergies can be managed in order for your pet to be comfortable. Ask us about the different allergy-management options we have available.

Signs That Your Pet May Have A Skin Condition:

  • Does your pet have hair loss, scabs, or dandruff?
  • Does your pet constantly lick, chew, bite, scratch, rub and/or shake his or her head?
  • Have you noticed a change in the skin or hair coat’s color or texture?
  • Is there a bad odor from the pet’s skin or ears?
  • Is your pet excessively licking his or her feet, legs, or abdomen?
  • Is your pet biting and chewing at the skin?