At Wintermere Pointe Animal Hospital, we strive to be a trusted resource for any health-related service or concern affecting your beloved pet. Our mission is based on the core values of QUALITY, EDUCATION, COMPASSION, and LOVE FOR OUR PETS.

Our mission at Wintermere Pointe Animal Hospital is to provide our patients, pet owners, guests, and the community with the very best in veterinary medical treatment, progressive and unique care options, exceptional service, and individualized patient care. We are committed to the improvement of the lives of our patients while serving and educating our clients to make each visit educational, enjoyable, and beneficial for both you and your pet.

Our QUALITY value is exemplified by our commitment to providing our patients with the highest level of care to prevent illness when possible, promoting health and well-being, and treating any illness or injury which may come up during their lifetime.

Our EDUCATION value entails establishing open communication between us and the pet owner and relaying knowledge in order to develop a trusting relationship. It is essential to have respected and knowledgeable resources to help guide our plans, choices, and expectations. It is our goal to inform and explain our findings, diagnoses, and treatment plans in order to empower you as a pet owner to work with us in caring for your pet family member as a team.
Our COMPASSION value calls for genuine consideration of the feelings, concerns, and needs of both pet owners and pets.

Our LOVE FOR OUR PETS value aims to provide our clients with the knowledge and awareness of exactly the kind of care we would give our own pets. We have a high expectation of ourselves and are accountable for that level of love for each and every pet entrusted to us by you.